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Application to Become a Foster/Adoptive Parent:

There is new system in Place: Please use these links below to head to Binti to fill out your applications and add any additional documents. 


  • These documents below are all located in the Binti System follow the link above. Create a username and password to begin the application on their website. 

If you have questions call the intake line at 315-435-3827 and leave us a message or email or for community foster parents.

Email or if you are caring for a relative and have been referred by Child Protective Services.



These Clearance documents are also available on please fill out and sign them on that website.

  • SEL form Justice Center Clearance(Fill out the bottom portion only 1 per person getting certified)
  • State Central Registry Clearance : 
  • This clearance requires applicants to fill in their addresses for the last 28 years. Anyone living in the home over the age of 18 would need to sign this form. The most important part is for there not to be any gaps in terms of listing the addresses in years.
  • Medical Physical for Foster Parents and Statement of Health Form for other household members.  (Can download up front but hold onto it until you are working with your Home Finder).
  • Additional Documents: The documents you need to add are as follows please disregard the other documents it lists as requested.
  • Driver’s license and Car Insurance
  • If you have Pets: Rabies Vaccine 
  • Medical Documents: Only the foster parent physical located above and the part two of the physical for household members who are not the certifying adults.
  • If Married: Marriage Certificate
  • If Divorced: Divorce Decree: Check with your home finder about how much of the document, they require.
  • Two Consecutive Pay Stubs or Income Verification